Omega De Ville Replica Watches

Omega De Ville replica watches is a line of classic and elegant products. City is in French means in 1960 under the watch industry since the birth of a trend of thinning, with the changing times, Omega De Ville replica will always retain the ladies and gentlemen of elegance . 1995 Omega De Ville Ladymatic output series shows, leading the trend of the times. 2005 launched a Co-Axial Chronometer bold square dial X2; in 2007, equipped with a self-movement Omega Hour Vision, Our Vision namesake taken, meaning the vision of the betting time, and in addition to a new stage.
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Ladymatic series shows 21 century
Ladymatic watch series launched in early 1955, is one of the first ladies of the Omega replica watches brand self-winding watch, equipped with the Omega in the history of the smallest mechanical movement with automatic winding. 34 mm case in 18K red gold or yellow gold, steel, or a mixture of two types of glossy refinement of construction metals. The 18k gold models of the inner body is made of metallic titanium, and stainless steel models is used in the body of sheet steel.
The dial of the watch according to the color of his charming provide the same tone stainless steel, 18k gold or red gold or the color of gold and other metal bracelet or through frosted leather case robust to the icing on the cake.
Watch Ladymatic has smooth or snowflake diamond-studded bezel, decorated with shiny casing in sapphire crystal replica watches movement driving innovation at a glance. Polishing stainless steel or bezel set with diamonds and 18 carat gold ring body or red gold jewelry, so charming color shows doubly convincing. Gold ring decorated with memorable charm wavy design lines, and the white ceramic ring or brown coating inside the box. color bracelet in stainless steel and 18k gold or red gold chain links and satin leather watch strap is 18k gold or red gold chain polished links for connecting the housing and bracelet.
Ville X2 coaxial escapement watch large calendar window
Inspired by the Year of Design in 1951. Omega advent Cosmis watch this section in a bolder lines and more delicate details create a tab, the contemporary spirit in the tradition of fine watchmaking Omega replica china, the merger Ville Co-Axial large vertical X2 watch the calendar window, unique square design, triangular legs in the mirror, offset matte polished, showing the rich visual effects.
Series Hour Vision, Omega replica watches new era
Omega De Ville
Omega De Ville replica
In 2007, Omega De Ville Hour Vision series as soon as possible, will be a new era for fake Omega watches. This watch is equipped with first coaxial movement 8500/8501, which each part by Omega plant with proprietary technology developed for the manufacture of mechanical replica watches movement in the 21st century redefined.
“Hour Vision really be described as: side of the case by the sapphire crystal and display back, you can panoramic view of the beauty of motion.”
Every detail carefully crafted on the surface, show the hidden complex technological monitoring. 18K red gold Hour Vision watch with brown or silver finish, and stainless steel watch features a black or silver finish. Among the most notable feature of the watch, rhodium be grooved ring with elegant gold plated hour markers. Whenever minor on the second hand surface, then polished with brilliant index reflect each other. the hour hand and minute hand edge facets have been polished and shiny, elegant and subtle form of comparison; 18K red gold or 18K platinum surface is frosted and polished, a perfect tonal match with the case. Calendar window at 3:00 set and match 18K red gold or 18 carat diamond in white gold smooth border. The simple design minute circle surround the outer surface, according to various responsible gold watches 18 carat red or white 18-carat gold Omega logo. With double anti-reflective front table sapphire crystal, details visible on the surface. Ville Hour Vision watches pairing a bracelet of black or brown alligator leather, and a newly designed lugs mounted on the case. Attached to the strap stitching and unique trim tabs, to avoid tension and fracture leather; folding clasp (18K red gold or stainless steel models) can be safely watch worn on the wrist over and wear comfortable fit. The new design and styling has a metal bracelet, adopt a new patent chain Omega-pin system, easy length adjustment, and integrated into the metal pin clasp butterfly folding clasp engraved 18K gold surface Omega logo.
Omega De Ville
Omega replica soaring research capabilities and amazing development, and has made the most perfect demonstration shows for research and legendary classic and innovative development!

What is the reason Rolex watches hedge?

Rolex replica watches is the world’s most incredible brand watches, Why? Because it is neither by the precious metal, not by scarcity, still able to do in the world of hedge rates! Patek Philippe’s production of less than twenty thousand a year, every piece used in the precious metals, can be preserved is not strange. The yield Rolex is one million a year, mostly steel table, and the vast majority of the 50,000 RMB value but up and down, but it’s used for many years to maintain the level of the discount rate at 10% off up and down (perfect product phase) He says that it is a miracle.
The reason most people thanks to Rolex replica china god public relations capacity, and its R & D capabilities and should not be overlooked. In the watch industry, “handmade” does not surprising, Patek Philippe is wholly handmade but few go beyond the degree of precision machinery manufacturers, it will be sought after. The Rolex is the other extreme, they are a technology company, holds the hands of a number of material patents, material science and technology not only be used to make Rolex watches, is also used to manufacture deep-sea submarine. They clean, vacuum of space technology to manufacture watches, digital laser cutting to ensure precision level components, it has been one of the world’s most accurate all mechanical watches Rolex Observatory standard never be placed in them eyes.
Why do so many people like Rolex?

The reason being labor earth worlds most table fans, there are many reasons.
First, labor soil is one of the world’s most practical watch brands. Rolex replica watches are adjusted and wash oil can reach the precision of plus or minus 3 seconds / day. Watches with waterproof, anti-sweat, shock, drop and magnetic comprehensive functionality. Secondly, the rolex replica watches market is easily one of the best preserved watch. Its market value is stable, but not the ups and downs. Rolex and impeccable design. In common DAY-watch, for example, consistent system for decades, no one on this exterior design of the table to find any fault aesthetic.
In addition, material, shape, design dial earth labor are very diverse. Light material on the use of stainless steel, 18k gold, 18k red gold, Pt950 platinum and gold. Appearance in addition to the main round series, there are also square Cellini series. In terms of the dial, precious metal (18k gold, red gold and platinum), a variety of colors Fritillaria, and scale diamonds, colored stones, etc., use a combination of on.
Watch labor soils and different sectors to meet the appetite of fans. Its automatic movement winding efficiency is very good, just on the chain after a few days it will watch to walk freely. Rolex products in recent years, there has been no lap dog teeth, not head of state type strap flat design. It is important to wear a Rolex (of course, is the real thing) give themselves more of several different feeling: a sense of superiority, a sense of self-confidence, satisfaction, initiative will be with you often. The power will enable you to work hard, cherish all existing owned.

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Why are there so many people like Rolex? What is the reason Rolex replica watches hedge? Why are there so many people like Rolex? What is the reason Rolex watches hedge? Why are there so many people like Rolex? What is the reason Rolex watches hedge? Why are there so many people like Rolex replica? What is the reason Rolex watches hedge? Why are there so many people like Rolex? What is the reason Rolex watches hedge?

Rolex preservation reasons
1. The labor soil stainless steel 316L stainless steel than normal to hard, coupled with screw-in case back, and the leading layers of waterproof circle so watch than the scratch and moisture, a long time unless the person’s collision looks than the average new table, so his hedge relatively high.
2. The magnitude of the labor section of the small land reform, classic fake watches design it so several, and each series of features and price segments are obvious, each one of Kimisada price will not be much change, not because of their age popular retreat is the second reason.
3. labor soil surface very much in love with a noble metal, 18K gold. White gold, rose gold … and so, with a simple style sheet, not too complex design, so that the material of money equal to the price, the same material as high table design complicated, so the design development and labor costs will be added, and Relative rolex fake watches because relatively simple, is a card vulgar watch, because everyone is love, it’s like you go to the pawn shop to sell diamond ring, he would not estimate your section or artificial, will give you according to carat two scales on the pounds to sell.
The stars seem atmosphere, diamond looks BLING, sparkling lovable, but with real Zuan, of course, will be better hedge against inflation, so people often say that Rolex is defined as cash, but cash will depreciate, labor is will be preserved, but whether it is gold or diamond itself is a kind of futures, so buy Rolex must have earned have lost.
5. The movement is good, mostly home-made, some prefer self-movement of lovers, of course, has its own charm, but his rolex daytona replica watches chronograph movement is actually ZENITH modification of EI Primero movement of is an indisputable fact, but the movement has 36,000 pieces of high earthquake frequency, is a recognized excellent movement, and also because ZENITH also produced table, but also by the contention opponent, so whether Di movement take off Because the supply of homemade or not to switch to other plants, has been a topic, is one of the factors that pushed up the price, but it is undeniable that gold movement is good, most of the Rolex replica watches have been Observatory certification, so punctual prices Reasonable practicability of course surpassed floor.
6. Do not think that the price of labor-fired earth are those gold watches are truly unsuccessful Shuigui and stainless steel sports watch, and stainless steel watches featured, lightning pointer, green glass, ceramic bezel, green water ghost, deep sea … and so many more than DATE DATEJUST distinctive, you can not possibly go with a gold watch sports or swimming, blown heartache, so a practical degree steel sheets and high on many, so the price is Rolex watches paragraph most difficult to master.
7. Maintenance and service labor soils are recognized as a good, reasonably priced fees, the same as less change, so replacement parts are not easy to lack of parts, watch for a sustainable preservation is a great factor in the ㄧ, not afraid of big brand down, like my antique table, a lack of some parts it is difficult repaired.
8. Of course, the drawback is the price has been rising, the price of the new table very last tongue, of course, if the watch has been dropping, you will buy it it?

Replica Omega Time Model

Omega replica new original “to attain Coaxial” anti-magnetic movement, can easily cope with the harsh test of modern life, called a model for the ultimate perfection.
Time model (on) time model (on)
Some people believe that mechanical watchmaking technology has developed very mature. You can add any new complex features, or at the edge of the watch dressed gorgeous diamonds, meanwhile, was able to maintain a balance wheel gear and precise operation, transmission impulse, vibration there is still unabated. In fact, technological innovation mechanical movement of stagnation or even can not be said to have bound feet into a long period of time. However, there are others who uphold dissent and move forward in the movement path of technological innovation.

2018 “to attain coaxial movement” will become standard OMEGA mechanical  fake omega watches. This is a revolutionary leap, marking the mechanical watch made a major breakthrough in terms of accuracy and reliability; also shows that as long as committed to research and innovation, to explore the break and never give up the attitude of excellence, go all out customer service great odds it is possible to re-create a new escapement wheel, it is possible to re-examine and construct an obsolete technology, and give it a new look.

Coaxial revolution

1999 for “coaxial movement to attain” the birth of great significance. This year, Omega in Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show for the first time introduced the coaxial escapement. The new escapement by the British watchmaker George Daniels (Gerrge Daniels) invention, is the biggest technological leap 250 years watchmaking movement achieved. Daniel was born in London (1926-2011) lifetime obsession watchmaking, called Terry excellence watchmaking industry. Only 5 years old, he saw a cheap mechanical watches in the street, it will be home in the back cover of the watch apart.

“At that moment, I seem to see the center of the universe,” he once described to. “I know that this is what I want to pursue a career; I am willing to spend my life with the watch.”
omega replica
1947 After the war, Daniel began to repair  replica watches for a living, and in the evening to learn watchmaking technology. Ten years later, he began private custom-designed manual tabulation – case, dial, bolts, levers and all of the components by a person of his hand. This is an extremely time-consuming business, his life, Daniel can only produce 27 independent watch. Now, these watches have become competing collection of classic. In 2012, Sotheby’s abnormal (Sotheby’s) auction (with field sales and other Omega original models table), the master of space travelers wrist watches (Space Travellers’Watch) the price actually up to £ 1,329,250.
Time model (on)
Daniel from Abraham – Louis Breguet Abraham-Louis Bregue) and many other lessons at watchmaking pioneer, and now it is recognized since the early eighteenth century nineteenth century watchmaking innovation since the big wave of the most outstanding master watchmaker.

But he is by no means a nostalgia, not because pregnant Zhuo technology and conformism. He longed to excellence, and to ultimately achieve a qualitative leap. Appears quartz watch, he devoted his life to mechanical watchmaking and technical challenges relating to survival, Daniel determined to prove not only more accurate mechanical watch, but can also have a more beautiful and elegant appearance.

In 1975, Daniel introduced a new escapement, the core dynamic part of the mechanical watch has been re-designed and built. At that time, almost all mechanical watches are the British watchmaker Thomas Mucci (Thomas Mudge) in 1755 invented the lever escapement. From every sense, this innovation will change after a lapse of some time now. Daniel named his innovations coaxial escapement.

In short, Daniel’s new escapement design greatly reduces internal friction components. Prior to the lever escapement sliding generate momentum, there is a possible risk of wear, and coaxial escapement places minimal contact surface promoting generate momentum, minimize friction, almost without the use of lubricating oil (even if it takes, as long as it is less of a drop), and thus there are no lubricants arrest and condensation problems and avoid the resulting loss of time. Use of new escapement movement more reliable performance, more accurate travel time, the depth of the late demand less maintenance.

After the success of the coaxial escapement system fits into two Omega Speedmaster replica watches Automatic Chronograph, Daniel began to Swiss watchmaker Recommend this new escapement. But a few years, most brands of Daniel himself and his new invention are not paid much attention. They eventually refused to take risks, to abandon further development and production of coaxial escapement.

They can not overcome the problem is how to Daniel’s new coaxial escapement transformed from a technical breakthrough to a standard component, which quantify the production and industrial applications. They said deviation coaxial escapement requirements too demanding, too difficult research and development tasks, risk invest heavily in new production equipment is too large.

However, Daniel was persistent, and finally got the coaxial escapement patent in 1984. In 1986, he brought stamp showing a large coaxial escapement electric drive model attended the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, kicked off his annual promotion coaxial escapement trip. In fact, this time Daniel has begun to despair of this design can be put into practical production also was shaken.

Life and death

No doubt, Daniel technically have insight, but this insight make him get rid of “clever but useless” limited caught, escaped being busy playing plaything watch Vendetta, will have to rely on another type of element, That Nicolas Hayek (Nicolas-Hayek) style vision.

Hayek died in 2010, was recognized as the savior of the Swiss watch industry. Today, the face of the watch industry thriving of vitality, it is hard to believe that 30 years ago, Swiss banks were once ready to leave for the Swiss watchmaking industry funding. The late 1970s, along with cheap quartz watch made in Japan into the market and the outbreak of the “quartz crisis”, so that the Swiss watch industry defenseless. Tens of thousands of laid-off workers watchmaker, many people think of mechanical watches will soon launch the stage of history, to become museum exhibits.

Bank hired as a consultant on several occasions to save companies on the verge of collapse Hayek, advising how best interests to maximize the transfer of a large amount of Swiss watchmaking giant, namely the Omega and Tissot SSIH company established in 1930 after the merger and ASUAG the company. But Hayek has no intention of selling the two companies, on the contrary interested in saving the industry.

Hayek recommended that the two groups most famous Swiss watch brands have to restructure and eventually merged into one. The new company soon introduced the Swatch (Swatch) watch, and quickly around the world with great success, to repel the Japanese watch brand in the low-end market, the Swiss watch industry won new credibility and prestige , far beyond people’s expectations.

In 1984, Hayek holding company, will soon be renamed the Swatch Group, and the following year a person’s CEO. The launch of the Swatch watch is not the only initiative Hayek bailout. He was convinced that the mechanical watch movement has a tick operation beyond the emotional appeal than practical, which is a quartz watch can never match.

If the Group and its brands continue committed to innovation, and strive for excellence, that is to increase investment in research and development of advanced technology and production facilities, and is committed to innovation and excellence applied to the industrial production of the product, then it can not only survive, but also will gain prosperity, dominate the market.

In 1993, Hayek firm to choose the George Daniel invention coaxial escapement mechanism as a future technology-driven vertical watchmaking and group development. He was confident that he has enough tools and equipment and a wealth of industry technology to achieve the great dream of coaxial escapement. At the same time, he is also very clear that the best platform for their new empire in which the watch brand is the technological innovation: it is the replica Omega.


During the quartz crisis, Omega and many other brands, like mechanical watchmaking suffered great damage. Consequent brand identity crisis forced the company to think about how the proper use of quartz and quartz this new technology.

And Daniel coaxial escapement, it means re-sell the top mechanical watch manufacturing journey. Hayek and Omega had reached this decision, not the final one stroke in order to seek a place made from the competition, but because of the Omega is concerned, this is a natural way, is the next logical development strategy, is a continuation of the historical heritage of the brand. You know, back in 1932, Omega will be the successful launch of the first commercial diving watch; in 1947 launched one of the first tourbillon watch; in 1969 became the first brand to watch the moon. In addition, Omega is the only one not named after the company founder or location, it made the movement in 1894 in the name of high-end Swiss watch brand, while Omega is one of the first watch manufacturers practical standardized components.

In 1848, when he was 23-year-old Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) founded the Omega replica. Since its inception, he clearly recognized the company’s development must focus on technological progress and industrial development; manufacturing quality is more excellent performance more reliable (and more aesthetically pleasing appearance) of the watch, and to achieve industrialization production. Thus, when detecting whether a technology innovation, Omega always ask: Does it really solve a problem? Can and into the practical application of the framework of the company’s products, from the moment of whimsy into a new industry benchmark? Similarly, Omega will also apply this philosophy to the new coaxial escapement Daniel longitudinal system. Over the past half century, the Omega watch movement has been looking to reduce friction in the escapement method, and now finally have a viable solution.
Time model (on)
In 1994, Daniel signed a production and Omega coaxial escapement contract. He understood that his invention finally found the horses.

“I am convinced that Omega and ETA (Swatch Group company) has a variety of professionals and a strong R & D department, enabling coaxial movement into mass production,” Daniel said. “They will be industrialized mass production of coaxial movement considered abnormal Adventure Quest, but also a learning opportunity. Now, I am well aware of the reason they give me a different feeling, it is because Nicholas Hayek. ”

In fact, Hayek and Daniel really minded. In 1982, just as Hayek in the planning and survival strategy of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Daniel also uses the first to express his ideas and Hayek coincide, the idea just like that for the entire watchmaking industry of a call.

I think it should break free from the Swiss watch industry interests to confuse people out of business, they only care about control factories, electronic forms, profit, and then walk away and go, “Daniel said.” Beat watch factory closes down, it Unable to re-start. But if a little hard to manage, the use of new management concepts and ideas of some unique ideas, and not so timid, I think it would arouse great public concern about mechanical watches. ʱ??

“Watchmaking industry must stop and think carefully about the future direction of mechanical watches for people in terms of significance, it is a unique personality with the existence of life, is the crystallization of the development of hundreds of years of accumulation.”

Daniel with a pair of goggles and a leather helmet wind, drove his Bentley convertible retro (vintage car is his other big hobby) drove to Bill’s Omega headquarters from the United Kingdom. Although there are a lot of experiments and discussions remains to be done, but progress is obvious. Watching Omega coaxial escapement components for the production of computer-controlled equipment research and development, he knows the huge investment companies pay. Time model (on)
In 1999, Omega introduced at the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show coaxial escapement system, mounted in the 1000 limited edition replica watches, which is a gift Daniel’s first coaxial watch. The following year, based on the principle Omega coaxial, began the development of a new movement; in 2007, the brand launched the De Ville Hour Vision watch, for the first time to play in the Omega coaxial escapement patent; and now, it has been movement a full range of products to Omega.

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Stainless steel watch Panerai PAM516

SIHH 2015 Replica Panerai Watches as we proudly presents the two new watch. Today we’ll talk about Panerai Radiomir 1940 28 1950 stainless steel watch PAM516 Luminor Power Reserve and its corresponding power reserve of 28 stainless steel wrist Table PAM 601.
Two watches are equipped with the ultimate classic superior astronomical complex functions – from human equation of time is no longer alone in space as the sole criterion arranged event in the history of time measurement born. In Astronomy humans since ancient times for the law, the Earth’s rotation is scheduled one day a week, then the Earth around the sun one revolution is scheduled for one year. For centuries, humans based on astronomical phenomena, the use of clocks arranged event, the establishment of a common measurement criteria – time.

However, the traditional approach is not consistent with the reality of timing, due to the Earth in an elliptical orbit around the sun, with the earth’s axis is inclined to the equatorial plane, so does every year, only four days to 24 hours. In the rest of the day, the real time (solar time) and universal time (average time) is not consistent, is about a 15-minute gap between the two, depending on the speed of the season. Calculate the time difference is called “equationof time” (the time equation) as one of the classic Haute Horlogerie complication. Are reflected in the new Radiomir1940 Equation of Time 8 Days and Luminor1950 Equation of Linear Time 8 Days on display watch dial ʱ??
Radiomir1940 Equation of Time 8 Days PAM516 48 mm stainless steel case, and PAM 601 is slightly smaller than 47 mm. The dial is a beautiful matte black, using the brand in the late 1930s developed the classic sandwich-type structure, with two overlapping sheets of Inter luminous coating materials, can also be easily read in the dark.
Panerai 8th power reserve stainless steel watch PAM516 and PAM601 replica watches
Panerai 8th power reserve stainless steel watch PAM516 and PAM601
Panerai 8th power reserve stainless steel watch PAM516 and PAM601 replica watches uk
Panerai replica watches uk 8th power reserve stainless steel watch PAM516 and PAM601
Panerai replica  Watches

This two watches are used P.2002 / E manual winding movement, the diameter of 13¾ fractionation, with three barrel, for up to 8 power reserve, the 8th power reserve since the 1940s has become the brand characteristics of One. Through the sapphire crystal caseback views of the delicate details of the movement. Water depth of 100 meters
Panerai fake watches 8th power reserve stainless steel watch PAM516 and PAM601
Panerai 8th power reserve stainless steel watch PAM516 and PAM601

PAM516 with a black alligator leather strap, PAM 601 classic brown strap, and are equipped with engraved logo features Panerai clasp.
Panerai 8th power reserve stainless steel watch PAM516 and PAM601
It started very beautiful and fit wrist. Since the crown for the bridge device, it is difficult to see subtle differences in size and PAM516 PAM 601’s. If you have to ask what I prefer, I think undoubtedly the PAM 601, perhaps simply because this particular bridge device protecting it.

The price of 18,400 euros PAM516, PAM601 price 18,800 euros, more information, please visit
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IWC Portuguese calendar Replica Watches

Nazioni IWC trasformazione negli ultimi anni una serie di mid-2015 replica watches , il 75 ° anniversario della nascita della serie portoghese, quindi quest’anno la volta del Portogallo ha lanciato una nuova serie di orologi, tra cui calendario perpetuo orologio data mese digitale, manuale orologio 28 Power Reserve, marchio IWC ha anche lanciato la prima volta nella storia di questa funzione complessa — Calendario IWC Portoghese vigilanza del calendario, questo è il nuovo orologio IWC SIHH Guarda Fiera questo il più parlato.

Glossario: Calendario
Il cosiddetto calendario, è in grado di indicare la data, settimana, mese, e può distinguere automaticamente tra la dimensione del mese (30, 31 giorni), entro la fine di febbraio di ogni anno sufficiente regolare manualmente il calendario. La differenza tra la funzione e il calendario è un anno bisestile anno bisestile non si distingue, cioè, in grado di distinguere tra il febbraio 29 giorni o 28 giorni, funzione di calendario vive funzione DAY tra il doppio del calendario e il calendario.
iwc replica 2015
Probabilmente non ci credereste, di nuovo nel 1889 Patek Philippe orologio da tasca su una funzione calendario per ottenere un brevetto, ma la storia del calendario di meno di 20 anni! Il 1997 Baselworld, Patek Philippe ha lanciato il primo orologio calendario del mondo — 5035 (con o senza la scoperta, IWC specificamente per la prima volta un modello di orologio calendario è anche nominato come 5035, questa non è certo una coincidenza casuale, Questo è l’IWC di rendere omaggio al creatore del calendario), usando 315SC movimento automatico. 2005 dopo 5035 è sostituito dal 5146.

Torniamo alla serie portoghese IWC come la pupilla dell’IWC, è stata una piattaforma per una varietà di funzioni complesse: da orologio a carica automatica, cronografo, calendario perpetuo, il famoso Siderale Scafusia ‘cavallo di battaglia’ (perpetua tourbillon calendario volano, vera ora solare). Ma mai stato calendario, non solo i portoghesi non sono stati Calendario, le nazioni altre serie non sono mai stati fuori calendario.

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC replica watches Annual Calendar

Oggi, dopo cinque anni di ricerca, l’IWC ha finalmente lanciato il suo primo calendario mai vigilanza del calendario della vigilanza — Portogallo 5035, a pochi anni fa, ha lanciato una nuova serie di marina, nuove ondate di serie Fino, il nuovo Da Vinci serie, tutto fatto sui cambiamenti rinate esterne, un sacco di polemiche, alcune persone sono felici gli altri sono stanchi, l’economia in meglio, torta al giorno aumenta, controverso è una buona cosa, ora, l’economia globale è un casino, riflette l’orologio , il design è nostalgia conservatrice, vieni a vedere stretto coppa di maiale brasato non perde il lavoro, questa nuova serie è vero anche il Portogallo: le sue massicce 44,2 millimetri nel caso, lunetta scanalata, la scala classica pista, foglia mani sottili e quasi nessun cambiamento nei numeri arabi, molto, molto simile al 1939 prototipo Portugieser, un totem di progettazione vera e propria.

Spessore Portogallo vigilanza del calendario 5035, non è piccolo come 15,3 millimetri (spessore di 11,2 millimetri 5146R contrasto PP), che, naturalmente, non può essere chiamato orologio sottile, ma i portoghesi sono sempre stati grande, infatti, 5035 è il nuovo portoghese polso automatico aumentare il modulo calendario da tavolo, sai che c’è 14,5 millimetri portoghese Orologio automatico, e ad essere onesti, questo prototipo nel 1939 e circa la stessa dimensione. IWC con un nuovo cristallo zaffiro bombato, in modo da poter ridurre lo spessore del guscio, per ridurre la pressione del polso, in aggiunta, la larghezza della cornice è ridotto all’estremo con il suo arco concavo, sembra che solo la parte anteriore quadrante, così gli effetti visivi si sentiranno più piccola, breve e veloce flessione alette, cinghie radici fanno design curvo, in modo da indossare orologi da polso più adeguate.

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC replica watches uk Annual Calendar
iwc replica 2015
La configurazione di base è simile a un layout simmetrico Portogallo orologio automatico, 03:00 nel quadrante potere di sette giorni, piccoli secondi a ore 9 è impostato, lancette a forma di salice, numeri arabi, le linee ferroviarie sono classici vecchio modo, il principale il cambiamento è il calendario, 11:00-01:00 per la direzione di tre grandi finestre a ghigliottina, finestra mese, datario, finestra settimana. In bianco e nero indicazione del calendario leggibile, semplice e pulito, la sua mese – giorno – settimana per calendario data in stile americano, per attirare l’attenzione del fondatore IWC Florentine Ariosto Jones dagli Stati Uniti! A ben vedere, la profondità della piastra data più profondo ai lati, per indovinare la struttura ad anello calendario o un grande mese di calendario su due vassoio del disco parallele e settimane, seguite dal movimento frontale conferma questo.
Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar

Sotto una fila di piccoli calendario ‘ANNUALE CALENDAL’ dire, un po ‘di sentimento superfluo, se è possibile rimuovere, il disco sarà più semplice ed elegante. Il marchio originale a 12:00 spostato sotto il corrispondente 06:00, solo per colmare le lacune nella finestra del calendario andare avanti.
Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar
L’orologio calendario ha tre varianti, argentato disco in acciaio paragrafo IW503501, blu notte disco della sezione di acciaio; IW503502 oro rosso lato argentato della sezione piatto IW503504. Sono belle, ma la stella brillante è il / combinazione di blu acciaio – L’aumento quadrante blu ha una qualità a specchio che può far sembrare il mare a mezzanotte o l’estate, a seconda della luce. E ‘in grado di indurre me languire più frontalino Kanji Yan. E sto già guardando avanti oro / blu o platino / combinazione di blu per il futuro.

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar

Portogallo vigilanza del calendario 5035 c’è un vantaggio che non ci sono pulsanti di regolazione separati nascosti, tutti i calendari può essere regolata attraverso il grande corona è completata, una grande idea.

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC replica watches uk Annual Calendar
528,5 Movimento

Più e attraverso il grande vetro zaffiro, movimento automatico della produzione per il nuovo IWC 52.850 chiaramente dimostrato di fronte a noi, questo è un nuovo movimento di 52.000 (aggiornare IWC alternativa 5000 classico movimento potenza di sette giorni) è aumentato dal modulo calendario ;

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar

Direzione indietro, il 52850 con 52000 coerente, migliorato molto:

Doppio barilotto, invece di un unico grande botte – o sette giorni riserva di carica, ma la sua potenza ed una migliore stabilità.
Migliorata tortuoso meccanismo Buhler Dayton.

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar

Vento nottolino materiale ceramico Nera di ruote e automatico. Girare Tuo cuscinetto in ceramica bianca. Tutto questo è un prestazioni e affidabilità migliori, perché la ceramica è quasi nessuna usura.
Aggiornamento a Breguet bilancia a molla.
Dimensioni della ruota Balance diventa più piccolo, la frequenza di vibrazione corrispondente fino a 4 Hz (28.800). All’inizio 5000 il movimento della ruota grande equilibrio perché hanno una elevata inerzia e tempi stabile, ma moderno nel movimento di questi elementi non è necessario, perché moderne leghe orologeria fornisce maggiore coppia. Più piccolo bilanciere permette anche di riserva di carica più a lungo, senza sacrificare in altri luoghi, e anche più resistente agli urti.
Turno Ridisegnato Tuo, qualche vuoto, sembrano essere più snello, migliorare l’estetica del movimento.
Il nuovo design di compensato, più aperta, per noi di apprezzare meglio il movimento lucidato.
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Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar

Più complesso decorativo smalto visivo è evidente, soprattutto smussare tutti gli spigoli del compensato. Ma dal cricchetto barilotto particolare ingrandito può essere visto, strisce Ginevra e nitidezza e uniformità dell’intervallo diagramma di radiazione, che indica questa è la lavorazione della macchina. Compensato smussato, anche, da un lato vi è angolo all’interno tagliente (che è buono manodopera e la macchina non può collocare), d’altra parte, sembra essere uno specchio smusso lucidato. Naturalmente, si tratta di uno standard di macinazione processo critico delle migliori marche, orologi di lusso IWC fatto può essere considerato abbastanza buono.

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar
Modulo Calendario
Comporre lato del movimento, ma non la possibilità di vedere la capienza reale, c’è solo fotografia ufficiale del marchio, non vi è alcun modulo descrizione specifico calendario, ma le foto, dovrebbe PP5035. IWC fake watches  ha introdotto la sua procedura di funzionamento del modulo calendario è il seguente:

Ruota ore azionata data avanzare la ruota. Data ruota propulsione ha due puntatori propulsione diversa, che è responsabile per la promozione di un data e il mese, e l’altro è responsabile per la visualizzazione giorno. Ogni volta che la mezzanotte, con l’avanzare puntatore sulla data della conversione può essere realizzato. Indicazione del mese e regolare il mese manopola di regolazione lunghezza dalla data del disco di controllo a due pin. Il primo display perno principale del manopola di regolazione anticipo rotazione una griglia. Anticipo leva 一枚 stilo sulla ruota dal set di una profonda incisione per identificare i 30 giorni al mese, che è impostato per percorsi più di commutazione. Come risultato, la data doppia conversione era il giorno successivo può essere realizzato tramite un’asta di spinta.

Le nuove funzioni complesse — IWC Portoghese IWC Annual Calendar

IWC calendario portoghese guardare 5035 fake watches uk, pur mantenendo la serie portoghese di aspetto classico, con la tecnologia moderna per aggiornare il suo nucleo, l’avanzato orologeria di alta tecnologia e di integrazione intelligente insieme per creare un nuovo funzioni complesse, arricchendo il portoghese. Modelli in acciaio a prezzi da 21.300 $ a 31.600 $ in oro rosa, senza dubbio, superficie blu del mercato profilato d’acciaio sarà popolare. Per ulteriori informazioni, si prega di visitare il sito

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